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Welcome to the Globetrotters Guide to Expat Life  – with Kids!

Expat life isn’t necessarily something that is planned, quite often stumbled into with another goal in mind, but it can definitely become addictive!

There are so many pros and cons to consider; whether you have a family or are planning to start one, the choices that we make individually become all the more pertinent to the people around us when we have kids.  Before long terms like ‘lifestyle choice and culturally challenging become part of your everyday vocabulary, alongside ‘it’s just a phase’ and ‘it takes a village’.

This section of the website is dedicated to learning more about expatriate life with a family, helping guide you through important considerations and giving you an insight into what expatriate life is really about.

Ecpatriate life with a family


Our website has many sub-series you may enjoy: 

Global Parenting – Follow expats on the parenting journey overseas, talking to us about the challenges and pleasures of raising a family away from “home” and how different cultures have influenced their view on parenting, health and schooling abroad.

Expat Entrepreneurs – An inspiring interview series with women who have made a difference in our expat community and used their overseas posting to fulfil their own business dreams, with families.

Expat Money Matters – A series of articles helping you with important money matters important for families while living abroad.

Book Reviews – Our reviews of expat and global living books and resources.

Abu Dhabi Living Guide – Our tips and advice on how we settled into our current expat home in the UAE. 

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